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These days our smart phones are having much importance in our every day’s life.. We can easily get connected with the world as well as capture the pictures of every fun thing around us with a good quality camera..I dont like using cell phones too much.. or you can say I am not so social with cellular.. when my brother gifted me an iPhone years back, I were not so comfortable with it at start but later when I started using it.. it was kind of addiction..haha..but now the situation is different, my smart gadgets are really helping me a lot in my blogging  journey! And now most of my blogging & socializing stuff is getting done with the help of my iPhone & iPad..its a proper way to get notified easily from all of your favorites forums & networks.
Well its been long I have drafted this post in my post drafts but wasn’t done with it.. today when I were not having something to post about, so I thought why not to share these random clicks from my phone camera with all of my readers.. I hope these will not be boring for you.. although so random but they are depicting a tiny bit of my every day’s stuff & life..
Lets have a look ay some of my phone camera clicks, a few pics are from my back yard, a few are from my craft room & some are captured during the travel.. so have a look..



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