Dieting…?Nope..Avoiding :)

It’s been long, I have stopped writing about myself & random stuff on my blog, I know many people who blog everyday & everything about their random daily life, & reading their posts is also fun! I was also writing my stuff on blog in the past but now as I am having a super busy life these days, So I skip writing articles of that kind.. Although I missed writing those kind of posts.. Now my blog is all about my Crafty Ideas & That’s it..
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Today I thought to write a post about something fun! Yep its really fun when you get to know something interesting about yourself from others..So I enjoyed..
My best friend was in Lahore for a month or so..when she came back here & we met a couple weeks back, She & Her sisters just surprised me by Telling that I started loosing my weight finally, (we were meeting after a couple months) it means MISSION SUCCESSFUL.. YAYYYYY..!!
Well They MADE my day.. haha.. Really! I were waiting for these words, as I were more careful about my diet these days..Yes I loose some weight & now I think its the perfect weight I should have!! I were not over-weighted already, but I always wish for a more smart body! So wishes are now starting getting true.. haha
So First I feel Great & super dooper HAPPY at this achievement! Then I tell my friend’s sister about my diet control etc.. She is  not loosing weight although She tried a lot. Well now I want to share my random rambling with you!
I Loose the weight with a tiny bit of effort & believe me it was not something difficult to try!
Here Are some useful tips by ME on how I reduce some weight…

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Thank you!


  1. Asalamu alaikum, look tasty, do you know the importance of keeping a Promise?

    Take Care


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