Handmade Earrings With Outfit

Once I got a heap of silver earrings hooks, my readers may remember when I were making so many earrings & selling too.. it was really fun to work with beads & cords for making a pair of earrings, and its not a difficult job for trying simple earrings, just join some jump rings together with beads for making pretty earrings! Its not a lengthy or tough work as well.
My today’s post is kind of a sudden post with less pics & NO step by step tutorial. Today I will be sharing one of my handmade earring with the dress I were wearing, I get to know about this suddenly when I were wearing this outfit & while searching something else in my side drawer, I saw this pair of earrings there & it was matching with my dress perfectly! like its made specially with this dress. So I thought why not to share this with my readers.
Have a look at the little pearls & butterfly earrings, I made this pair of earring a couple years back!

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  1. Wow!! cute earrings and perfect match with the outfit :)


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