Eid Mubarak 2014

Holy month of Ramadan is over today! I hope my Muslim readers were having loads of blessings and good times while fasting & praying during this blessed month..It seriously passed very quick..and now the Eid day is here finally! So..I would like to wish all of my Muslim readers all over the world, a very peaceful and blessed Eid day! But BE SURE to remember those  families who lost  their 1050 innocent kids and members in Gaza, Palestine in just last 20 days during the holy month of fasting, May God Almighty save others & bless them with Peace & Love!
eid mubarak 2014 creative khadija eid mubarak 2014 creative khadija
May this Eid bring peace and prosperity for all those who are suffering anywhere in the World because of terror…

Let’s Pray..God Bless Everyone!.. No more words…
Khadija ~


  1. Eid Mubarak :)
    I wanted to make sewai today but realized at the last minute that I have no vermicelli :(

    You have a good one with friends and family and lots of food :D



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