Gift Box Design with Stenciling Technique

As the Eid festival is coming near, now its time to give and get some gifts from family & friends..Yayy.. My family & friends are always expecting something arty/crafty from me & this is kind of a hard Task always! Well I handle anyway..haha. Gift Packing and gift box designing is a really important thing when you are gifting, a person who is going to open the box will be definitely first reviewing the packing. So its necessary to work on the gift pack/wrap before giving it away! a ready-made packing with printed paper sheet wraps is also good but will may be not that impressive as something compared to any hand designed packing! making some hand designed gift wraps are not difficult, just a few time is needed with a little bit of creativity..So this is what I did before gifting some goodies to one of my friend. As my friend is also having Creative Cells inside her, so it was necessary for me to create something in a creative way so She will be enjoying it more.. well.. See what & how I did..

I were having some brown package boxes, ( my laptop charger & accessory boxes were useless now, so why to throw these out to make some mess at this pretty Planet?? Nahh, I would not..!) I reuse/recycle some brown packing boxes in a fun creative way! as these boxes were plain so I were not having any trouble to hide the writing or sticker things etc..

Have a look at the detailed tutorial and rest of the post HERE

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  1. Very creative, Virtues of Four Rak'aah Sunnah of Zuhr & Asr is my latest post come have a look !


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