GlassPaint Jar Vase/Organizer Tutorial

I enjoy recycling & reusing stuff more than creating something with any new material, Reusing & restyling oldie things are just fun! And the interesting thing about it, you don’t need to worry if the result is not so perfect.. as its recycling! So I always recommend to reuse, recycle & restyle small old thingies, which you usually throw away!
My today’s sharing is also a recycle and reuse idea but in a beautiful way! as its summers going on, everyone is using different juices & drinks, here at home Tang orange flavor is mostly favorite of all. One day I saw an empty glass jar of Tang in our kitchen cabinets, So I thought why not to decorate it with some glass paints, as I have some glass paints in my crafty drawers which can may be dry soon.. So its better to use them..
So here it is what I have done! have a look..

Read the rest of the step by step Tutorial post HERE ;

I hope you will enjoy the post :)



  1. Me gusta mucho esta idea... un efecto muy bonito.!
    Saludos amiga.


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