Mod Podge Gifts From USA

Hello Everyone! Holy month of Ramadan is going great here Alhamdulillah, although weather is going hot day by day! but having many blessings too with loads of happiness & goodness Ma’shaAllah. I hope my Muslim readers all over the world are also having a blessed and happy month of holy Ramadan!
My today’s post is filled with some really interesting goodies which I received from one of my bestie Amy Anderson.. is there anyone who is not familiar with her Mod Podg-ED Website which is rocking from years..Yeah Amy of Mod Podge Rocks. She is the one who is giving me Mod-Podge Dose from years..I still remember the very first starter kit along with the shirt ..( so what if that was bigger in size..!)
So here today I am going to show you about what I recently recieved from USA.  Have a look at the Review..

See the rest of the post here & see whats inside the Box..

 Thank You!
Khadija Kiran


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