Creative Khadija Round Up

Creative Khadija Round Up

By on July 3rd, 2014 2014 is going fast, oh really half of the year has gone as its the end of June now! well, Luckily.. it’s wonderful year so far..during these 6 months of June, I create loads of arty crafty thingies & some more loads I have sold out Alhamdulillah..( this is what forcing me for starting a proper brand/ business!!) well today’s post is just a reminder kind of post in which I will be sharing with you just  roundup of these past 6 months creativity & randomness. I hope you friends will not mind having a look at these again! And if you have missed any post, you will may be enjoying some more!
creative khadija half year round up creative khadija half year round up

Lets see Creativity from January 2014

Month of January was a bit busy, I were having some work orders along with some random daily home stuff..See what I made even there was buy schedule..
Keychain pendant tutorial Keychain pendant tutorial
diy anthro inspired cuff diy anthro inspired cuff
diary planner designing diary planner designing
When I want to post something but nothing saved in drafts, So I made a quick post with my drawing-designs-doodles etc.. isn’t it easy?
glitter hearts baloons making glitter hearts baloons making
Oh yeah in January, there was my Birthday too..but I am still not thinking about growing up.nah..never… haha..I enjoy the way I am & I am very happy to have such amazing people in my life who are happily accepting me as the way I why I should be trapped by this growing up kind of things? haha..
shirt refashion with fabric paints shirt refashion with fabric paints

February 2014

During the February month, I work less on blog, as I were having some issues with my wifi network.. how bad it seems when you want to work and the wifi signals show you their tongue..eeekkkk.well here it is what I have done!..
3d card making ideas 3d card ideas
iphone keychain making tutorial iphone keychain making tutorial
spring in pakistan spring in pakistan
At the end of February, weather was getting warm, & there I saw some buds of plants which is known as a symbol of Spring! so here it is some fresh & springy clicks which I have shared!

March 2014

Here are some creations from the months of March..I made some fun thingies during this month, pretty busy & productive indeed..
Anthro inspired bracelet diy Anthro inspired bracelet diy
shells from cadiz beach shells in pakistan shells from cadiz beach shells in pakistan
This gift is just awesome, it will always remind me of my friend Maria from Spain.
clay dough birds eggs making clay dough birds eggs making
jute globe nest making jute globe nest making
how to make rose flowers how to make rose flowers
rainy day clicks rainy day clicks
dough flowers basket making dough flowers basket making

April 2014

April Month was a bit more busy, more tired, happy and at the end it was something hectic too..ok let me explain how! I drafted some posts as I were already familiar with this month’s busy schedule.. So.. at start I were tired of drafting so many posts & creating/editing so many things! and then our family was very to have a new addition of a baby girl, my elder brother’s first baby born, I were so happy to have a new addition. So I were busy to. Another happiness was my 4th blogversary too.. but I feel hectic when I get to know about my website page rank down! So I didn’t celebrate it as happily as every year I did..
Well let’s have a look at the productive April month..
Card making Tutorial Card making Tutorial
rose bud rose bud flower
mehndi flowers design Mehndi Flowers design
washi tape crafts washi tape crafts
I got some more gifts from Singapore & Greece too.. simply pretty stuff.
washi tape crafts washi tape crafts
Creative khadija Creative khadija
4 Years were great, but at this blogversary I were getting down at page rank issue but my wonderful blogger friends don’t allow me to do so until they are with me! So many super bloggers are among my very dear friends from years, they help me in boosting up my stamina for blogging.. Super nice feeling to have them all..I am not going to give up..haha
DIY ceramic beads bracelet DIY ceramic beads bracelet
Mirror Decorated with Shells & pearls Mirror Decorated with Shells & pearls

May 2014

And the May is here..I were doing loads of fun this month too.. so here are the crafty side glimpses!
washi tape crafts planner cover design
fall leaf photography fall leaf photography
I LOVE taking Photographs of such random things.. specially these days! when inside me, my heart is filled with happiness & outside me there are loads of blessings! so why not to capture some of these..I am enjoying  taking pics everyday for improving my photography skills..!
diy leather pouch with glitter diy leather pouch with glitter
islamic calligraphy glass paint wall art making islamic calligraphy glass paint wall art making

June 2014

June is meeting me hard.. its summer going on at its peek..So I am usually lazy.. but it doesn’t matter when we have a passionate heart & a good manager mind..I manage my time so very very well..and everything is just cool although its hot outside.. haha, who cares?
handmade earrings making selling handmade earrings making selling
creative khadija photography creative khadija photography
sits girls photo challenge collage sits girls photo challenge collage
DIY monogram wall art tutorial DIY monogram wall art tutorial
 Here is the recap of my previous 6 months.. OMG I just saw the word count of this post while typing which is about to cross 1100 words.. You can see how talkative I am..haha( but not all the time .. seriously!)
You can have a look at my previous years recaps & reviews HERE 2011, 2012, 2013. so have a look and enjoy my journey!
Have a great day friends!


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