Dragonfly Charm Mobile

Dragonfly Charm Mobile

By on September 20th, 2012 Hello everyone,
Sorry for my absence from this awesome crafty world..I am busy these days with my family & then I am going lazy because my webpage is under construction so I thought to stay lazy for a few more days..hehe..
well Today I thought to share something which I have made in my free time,but a few weeks back! to be very honest, I am not creating & crafting much these days! but I hope I will be sharing a tutorial in coming days!
Last year Michelle L sent me some jewelry pieces & some beautiful beads for jewelry making, This dragonfly bead was one of my favorite,I was thinking about what to create with this beauty…but finally I made a mobile for hanging with my phone.
Lets see what I have Done finally
Its a beautiful glass bead, I add some pearl beads with wire & now its a captured dragonfly..hehe!
A dragonfly must be around nature..and the above is at my lemon plant’s branch..
But I am sorry I cant hang it with my smart phones…do you know why?
I have iPhone & android both but as you know they are having touch screens & the glass bead with wire can be dangerous for their screen, so I must be careful..
But I have a plan, I will be hanging this charm with my phones sometimes..not all the time..specially when I will be with my friends..just to show them this beautiful gift from Los Angeles
I hope my online friends also enjoyed my dear dragonfly!
Have a Nice day.
Khadija ~


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