Life is Colorful/Beautiful

Life is Colorful/Beautiful

By on June 28th, 2013 Everyday I thank my God for His unlimited blessings upon me.. My everyday is beautiful from the previous day, so Life is going soooo colorful & beautiful.. with the blessings of Allah Almighty.. Even I can’t say Thanks so well.. my today’s post is just a random sharing while thinking about colors of life, I draw this.. so why not to share with you friends..
I mostly have my sketchbook near me, because whenever I want to draw, sketch or something random.. I can do it(Lazy me.. if my sketchbook is away I spend my time on iPad/iPhone with different apps..haha) so a few days back I was making some zentangle freehand drawings, so I made this card.. while thinking about beauties of life & awesomeness around me, I thought to color it totally & make it with full of colors. so let’s see what I have done.. my today’s post is not a tutorial but I hope you will be enjoying these random freehand doodles..
drawings card making
I draw this in different time & different days, not done in just a single attempt.
zentangle designs cards
aww..blurry image..
freehand drawings zentangle cards
its OK.. right..?
drawing cards zentangle doodles
My HTC Desire phone camera result is also good.. its 5MP but not bad. & also easy to capture images while drawing, instead of holding my 7MP Samsung camera..
freehand drawings cards
So here I started adding color in it, with brush markers.

cards making drawings
Yeah.. Done!!

sketchbook drawings card
My sketchbook paper size is big, so I will may be using it as a wall art.. or may be for giving away as a wish card.

zentangle designs
So vibrant & colorful.. Paisleys are always one of my favorite motives while making patterns & doodles.
I made some cards & bookmarks for the customers & the girls are enjoying specially the colorful bookmarks in their books. And my fingers can’t stop creating & drawing & making fun stuff.. I am grateful to my friends & people around me who always admire me a lot.. my goodness! keep enjoying my work & yeah you can also order your requests for these kind of greeting cards, wall arts & bookmarks. drop me an email at;
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Have a C0lorful life my friends..


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