PaperWeight Making From Trash To Treasure

PaperWeight Making From Trash To Treasure

By on December 16th, 2013 Hello Friends,
As you know I am always fond of recycling & reusing extra/used stuff, So here Today again I will be sharing reuse of a totally trashed thing! I love this colorful piece of art by me after so long..hehe..seriously..well do you have any guess about what is this colorful thing made of?? you may read the caption of the image so no more mystery here..
clay paperweight dough crafts
Actually once upon a time I made some Homemade Dough for crafts & jewelry type things, and I made a few things too but later I totally forgot that I still have it saved in my crafty closet… When I saw the tight jar in which it was saved I said to myself “oh yeah its something important inside” BUT when I pick it up, it was dry & in a lump shape.. totally trash!! But I thought why not to create something with this trash.. so at the same time a light bulb blinks in the Khadija’s Creative Mind & it started working on….!! have a look what was the colorful/useful thing I have done with a trash dry dough..
clay dough crafts paper weight making dry clay reuse
Let’s see what to do if the dough gets dry or the making of dough failed for any reason.. So now you will not be throwing your failed dough lump outside.. wait until it dries & then start working on by making this colorful Paper weight.. its super easy & so fun! best for kids crafts..and not bad for gifting others..
dough craft ideas
This is how it was saved in my closet, I keep the dough in a plastic bag & knot tightly, then save it in a air tight jar/box. Now check the easiest How-To reuse the dry dough/ failed dough. All you need to have for this fun idea is just a few markers & a paper cutter. you can also use scissors too for giving it a cracks/mosaic/abstract look.( Mod podge is optional)
dry dough reuse craft clay/dough reuse
First I torn the plastic bag in which the dough lump was fixed. Then I take the paper cutter with a slim nib & started making abstract designs & lines with the cutter. and then I picked up some sharp colors of brush markers/markers.
clay crafts
The cracks look was so fun, So I tried to enhance it by using black color marker, First I cover the cuts with black marker line & it looks like a web over the lump..isn’t it? wait a moment so the marker color will get dry..
paperweight making kids crafts
Then I start filling the area with different colors one by one. And at the end I cover it with Mod Podge Gloss.. That’s it.. how easy & quick reuse of trash!
dough crafts ideas
Oh yeah I must be sharing this image too.. its the other side of the paper weight, because of plastic bag knot its looking like this, but I make it little plain with the help of sandpaper..

You can check the recipe of this handmade dough HERE & see all the crafts I have done with this recipe HERE. I hope you will be Enjoying my all ideas & Tutorials related to dough crafts..

Have a colorful day everyone!


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