Pillows with Fabric Paints and Quilting

Pillows with Fabric Paints and Quilting

By on August 28th, 2014 During my Textile design studies, I specially enjoyed working with fabric paints & designing,  it’s a really interesting medium for decorating plain fabric with some colors & patterns etc, during that semester when I were studying paints, I work with screen printing, Block printing, silk painting, fabric painting, emboss paints, glitter paints, led work & painting with different types & mediums of colorful paints.
Whenever we friends are talking about the time we spent during our textile & fashion studies.. we enjoy talking about that creative time.. a few weeks back my teacher sent me a text on Whatsapp & told me that She visit my website on & off and enjoyed my ideas.. She feels proud while seeing her student Khadija with a website..oh yeah..I LOVE hearing from her.. my teacher taught me loads of creativity.. And most of my creativity credit goes to Her..She is also a well known Textile Designer!
Well ok..ok.. I dont wanna bore you some more while talking about my student life nostalgia stuff.. but here today I am going to share a project with you which is not any latest project, I made it a few years back, During my textile design studies, I learn about quilting too.. and these pillows were Sample projects of my quilting work, you can say its my very first project with quilting, I design it with zig zag sewing and then I use some fabric paints led outline.
fabric-painted-pillows-diy fabric-painted-pillows-diy

How I Made Fabric Painted/Quilted Pillows

The fabric was thick & self printed too, so I just design it the way it was, I use the fabric paint led outline at sides of the self printed design. Its not accurate according to design, but I design randomly.
fabric-painted-pillows-diy fabric-painted-pillows-diy

You Will Need To Have ;

Fabric, Fabric Paints, Foamic sheet,

First cut the fabric & make zigzag design with sewing machine, then make design on fabric with paints
Later you will add the foamic sheet and lining inside and sew the cushion simply! That’s done..
I did quilting first & then it was looking so simple,, that was the reason I started experimenting with fabric paints.
fabric paint pillows fabric paint pillows

Here it is Before and After image.. let me know how is it looking?

There can be another reason too.. but promise first that you will not let my teacher know about it ( hehe,, as I already know my teacher will be reading this post.. Hi dear Madam)

Fabric Paint & Design is not difficult.. So keep making and creating!

Reason behind doing this fabric paint over quilting is… because my zig zag design quilting was not accurate & perfect, the lines were going irregular & uneven, So I paint it to hide the uneven design.. haha.. Clever Me…but my teacher is very smart, she caught me at it but she liked the painted version too much..So I released soon!
I hope you will like this random blast from the past kind of post. Now I will be sharing some random stuff from my textile design study! I hope you will be enjoying it.
Have a great day Friends..

Khadija ~


  1. Pillows look amazing Khadija..

  2. °º。✿⊱
    Trabalho espontâneo e único... amei a criatividade!
    Bom domingo!
    ¸.•°♪♬♫º° Ótima semana com muita inspiração para lindos trabalhos!
    Beijinhos .¸.♬♫º°

  3. Beautiful painted pillow Khadija..Loz

  4. This is a clever idea Khadija, will have to keep this in mind. Thanks so much for your lovely comments over my way and thanks for following. I will start following you too as your posts are very interesting. My comments and posts to my blog are slow at the moment, too much happening in life.

  5. Merry;
    Yeah its fun! Thanks for appreciating! I enjoy following new people & fellows..thanks for the follow :)
    Happy Blogging!


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