Recap 2013

Recap 2013

By on December 20th, 2013 Every year during the month of December, I like sharing a detailed post with my readers about website review/recap, in which I write about  my top rated creations & tutorials of the year… Another year is about to End now,,And I am going to share another review post with you all.. This year was a busy year for me & I wasn’t able to share that loads of fun as I have shared during past years! Lets see what you have enjoyed at my page & what you have missed.. so have a look again..

blog recap 2013

diy roundup 2013 Recap 2013 DIY

DIY roundup of 2013

DIY Roundup 2013

diy creativity roundup

DIY Roundup 2013


Decoupaged diary cover
Decoupage Diary Cover DIY During April I found some problem in my camera, that wasn’t working well, so there were just ONE tutorial in the month.. I were having some giveaway posts & other stuff,  but the sharing by me was not much!


creativity recap 2013
Embellished Bangles DIY, Jewelry Organizer DIY, Glitter Coinbank


Charm Bracelet DIY


hairclip refashion modpodge DM
HairClip Refashion with ModPodge DM
During July I create less because it was Holy month of Ramadan, I were busy in my religious duties So I skip working on blog.


craft roundup
Designed wooden Comb, Glitter Bangles DIY


diy roundup3 2013
BookMarks with Stamping, Twine Mirror Decore


diy ideas 2013
Pearl Necklace DIY, Pink Floral Wreath
October was the month of pink..because of breast cancer awareness month. So I were sharing some Pink creations..


pencil holder pouch making
DIY Pencil Pouch


creativity roundup
Twine Mirror DIY,   Paperweight Making
I usually share 4 tutorials every month with some random posts.. and sometimes giveaways or sponsors spotlight too.. the year 2013 was fun but life was more busy than before & in fact I were more lazy.. haha.. blogging is fun! the best way to utilize your skills & sharing fun with others. This year I got more new awesome followers & bloggers.. my all people are so nice, I am so thankful to World Wide Web for this opportunity so I have some amazing & creative people from all over the world.. You all are valued a lot.. stay blessed & be there with me during my blogging journey in coming years too.. I like reading your blogs & all fun!!
Here you can see my previous years recaps & reviews about my creativity..Have a look..
Recap 2012
Recap 2011 Wish me Luck for 2014, so there will be more awesomeness & fun! Wish you a Happy new Year in advance!!


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