Fall Photography Clicks

Fall is on its way wonderfully! seeing some dry crispy leaves in the backyard makes me happy, you will may be remembering my iPhone photography clicks and other smart gadgets photography captures. I just love taking random clicks of nature objects & these days Leafs and flowers are on my hit list..haha..lets see how I capture some nature randomness! would you like to see some? let’s see..
nature images leaf nature images leaf
That was a calm evening, there were some clouds coming here to say Hi to us.. When I visit outside in the yard, there I saw this yellow pale leave..so Clicked it
rain in pakistan rain in Pakistan
Sky was getting Pink & the clouds were looking like pink cotton candy! Clicked..
floods & rain in pakistan floods & rain in Pakistan
There we go..Rain starts & everything was looking neat, clean & green.. no more pinkish or yellowish anymore.. So I clicked another one from my window..
fall leaves photography fall leaves photography
Here are some fall leaves! I shared on Instagram, my followers were asking me which tree leave is this? oh friends its not a tree leaf, its our winery of grapes which is over the wall and leaves are usually falling after the wind or rain..
fall leaves photography fall leaves photography
These above leave photography is appreciated by many people, an international printing company contact me & ask me for the feature & about publishing its Polaroid prints! I will be sharing details with you later.
creative khadija photography clicks creative khadija photography clicks
And this one seems so perfect as a fall click, Love it..so clicked it too! I have shared this in a previous post HERE!
creative khadija photography clicks creative khadija photography clicks
Here are a few of my random clicks & I enjoy playing with some editing fun as well..
creative khadija photography clicks creative khadija photography clicks
My little niece was in my lap when I thought to take a click of her cute baby booties..isn’t it lovely?
creative khadija photography clicks creative khadija photography clicks
My elder niece was holding a flower & I tried to take a pic of her hand but her hand was moving fast, I hardly get this click..but its cute. Right?
creative khadija photography ideas
And the last click is so random, I capture it on my work table while this lace was available around.
I hope you will like my random post about ordinary Fall Photography Clicks/ nature objects. Have a blessed fall season!
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Enjoy ~

Khadija Kiran


  1. Your photographs are so beautiful!! The leaves look amazing!! Fabulous job!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Lovely clicks ..beautiful photography ..adorable baby booties :)

  3. Hi Kiran !!!

    Am new to ur blog. You have a very creative crafty space and am happy to follow you.

    The pics are really nice. Nice photography.

    Have a nice day :)

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for appreciating and following. I am following back! have a good day.

  4. The leaves look so beautiful Khadija
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

    1. Thanks Sonia, it was fun capturing natural beauty!


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