Happy October

Happy October

Happy October Everyone!

happy october creative khadija happy october creative khadija
October is here finally! don’t you think September passed quickly. Well for me, it really fly! I enjoyed my September and indeed this month was filled with success Alhamdulillah. Got featured at some good websites & submitted my interview for an international magazines as well, I also worked with some good sponsors this month again! Oh yeah I also have sold some handmade stuff this month too..so that was the reason of my busy month! there was so much to do everyday! See above what I have read at my Daily Planner






This is what I do..isn’t it fun enjoying the life this way..? I shared these clicks at my instagram a few days back..I hope you will like seeing my random clicks instead of usual DIY & Tutorials..
happy october creative khadija happy October creative khadija
Can you see fall leaves all around these days? well its obvious as it is fall going on, but see..no matter how much autumn is around..You can also find fresh flowers ! I capture this random click with my phone camera..
happy october creative khadija happy october creative khadija
This is a very much zoom image of a grapes branch thread. Remember my home garden’s fresh grapes , this is a part of that small grapes vine..
I hope all of my dear readers will be having a wonderful month of October. Stay Blessed!
Thank you!
Khadija Kiran ~


  1. What gorgeous pictures!! The flower is so beautiful!! I love how you have it placed on the leaf!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

    1. Thank You Lisa..I enjoy doing experimenting with photography :)


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