Rhinestones Fixing with Mod Podge DM

Rhinestones Fixing with Mod Podge DM

I like collecting  jewelry & accessories a lot, I wear these rarely but like to collect beautiful accessories all the time,  specially at Eid festivals and family functions, among my most favorite jewelry & accessories a Ring or a bracelet is on top. I don’t like gold accessories much, although I have many gold rings in my collection right now which are gifted mostly( on my birthdays/success in exams..etc), but as I am done with my university education now so it doesn’t mean I have up to 16 gold rings..haha..okay no more rambling now!

Rhinestones Fixing with Mod Podge DM

how to fix rhinestones in jewelry rhinestones in jewelry
Well my today’s post is about a Beautiful old artificial Ring which is gifted. This ring is among one of my favorite ones and I wear it mostly, So I tried to save my beautiful ring with a crafty technique..

how I save my Rhinestone Ring from getting damaged ;

Although this ring is an artificial ring but I don’t want to waste it so early, one of its rhinestone missed somewhere, So a quick idea suddenly clicked in my mind about fixing the rhinestone jewelry nicely!

Rhinestones fixing with mod Podge DM;

Its a simple, easy & a bit quick idea about saving the falling rhinestones from a piece of artificial accessory!

Easy Tip on How-To save Rhinestones Accessories ;

how to fix rhinestones in jewelry how to fix rhinestones in jewelry

1- Get a bottle of Mod podge Dimensional Magic & pour some on the whole ring but be careful, may be some drops will be dripping..so keep the place proper while working.
2- Hold the ring carefully until it gets a little dry.
3- Wait for 15-20 minutes until it gets dry & the milkish look turns into transparent.. Don’t worry & wait a few moments..
how to fix rhinestones in jewelry rhinestones in jewelry

That’s DONE!

So I have saved the ring now.  Isn’t it a simple way to save some pretty stuff? or you can say  “pretty Memories”.. haha..I hope you will find this “1,2,3 Done” kind of idea, So keep trying ideas & keep sharing with the world.. I hope you will find this rhinestone fixing with mod podge DM idea useful.


  1. Oh well, I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing your idea on extending the life of costume jewellery. :)

    1. Thanks, sharing is caring you know! so happy blogging :)

  2. Thanks for the tip Khadija.. :)

  3. °°。✿⊱
    Gosto de strass também. Boa dica
    O segredo de uma linda bijuteria de strass é a combinação das cores.

    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!

  4. Love the idea Khadija...simple yet so effective!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects


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