Craft Fail

Every crafter is definitely familiar with some Craft fails, There are always some craft fails happening while crafting in a corner but mostly are hidden from others. In past I was also shy about sharing my craft fails with my readers but once when I share my Recent Craft Fail, you friends appreciate it & I got many features at different blogs & sites. which simply shows blunders are not that bad..these kind of failures are good lessons for crafters, because we can learn even better for next time!
Have a look at my another mistake while crafting..

Craft Fail

handmade jewelry craft fail
handmade jewelry craft fail
A few days back I were working on a jewelry making tutorial. I were preparing for a guest post for a friend’s website & my craft table was a bit messy at that moment. some cabochons & pendants..trying to sort out something..what to to arrange..etc..brain storming stuff..
handmade jewelry craft fail
handmade jewelry craft fail
I design a pendant with podgable designs & metals. in the end I drop some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over it for the 3D kinda look.. so here mistake happened..
Actually my craft table surface where the metal pendant were placed was not proper, it was in a very little slope by one side which I didn’t notice it simply dripped.. as I notice this blunder, I quickly tried to hold it but the liquid was dripping on the surface & my hands too. whoops..50% liquid dropped from the pendant.
handmade pendant making love
handmade pendant making
This was not a craft fail craft creation was safe, not damaged at all. I fill the pendant with Mod podge DM again and waited until it gets dry. you will need a few hours to get a transparent look of this liquid.

I will be sharing the Tutorial of this Love pendant making in my next post

Here the lesson sure to have a look at your craft space, if the surface is not proper do not work there, or make it perfect before work. otherwise you will be making mess like me..haha
As I have shared in a previous post, I have some white charts sheets at my craft table, so I will be changing & replacing them. So its helping. I hope you will also be learning via my fun experiments while crafting.
Have a good day!

P.S I will be sharing the tutorials of some pendants soon! I am also making some pendants for sale.

Khadija ~


  1. Muito lindo teu trabalho! beijos e que tua semana seja linda! chica

  2. What a gorgeous pendant!! I'm glad you were able to save your "fail" and turn it into a success!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

    1. Thanks Lisa, I tried my best but craft fails are sometimes necessary :p haha


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