Black Day In The History Of Pakistan

Today is the Black Day in the history of my country Pakistan. I never thought about writing a post like this but today I am so badly broken after watching news channels whole day at television, I never feel sad like this in my life before..Today morning some coward terrorists attacked a school (Army Public School) in Peshawar city, they martyred 135 innocent kids students & some school staff by firing & bomb blast. Worst day in the history of Pakistan..
peshawar school terrorists attack
Peshawar school terrorists attack
May Allah give strength to the parents of martyred children. May Allah give Hidayat to Taaliban, if they don’t deserve Hidayat, may Allah destroy them. Black day in the History of Pakistan. Allah Has said in The Quran, killing of an innocent person is equal to killing all the humanity. May Allah save Pakistan from all internal and external controversies.
peshawar school terrorists attack
peshawar school terrorists attack

See these dear faces..Who can think about killing these angels? Whats their crime..? Education.. sigh.. Today I feel like the entire humanity has died.
Pray For the Parents who lost their innocent kids in this bloody attack..

education for all 

I am a teacher.. I am a student as well but Today for the very first time I feel totally helpless..No amount of words is adequate.. God bless Pakistan..Prayers for those who lost their loved ones in this terrible accident.



  1. My heart absolutely broke when I read about this and I cried. Prayers to the parents who lost their children and to everyone who was affected by this senseless tragedy.

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  2. Triste, triste ,triste demais! bjs, chica Uma pena!!!

  3. It breaks my heart when I hear of such senseless violence.

  4. Thanks everyone for sending me your well wishes & prayers for my country by dropping your sympathies via emails, social media messages & comments on my blogs. Indeed its the worst moment ever to see these innocent kids martyred inhumanly.. I am unable to control my tears.. death toll is increasing & our whole nation is in deep mourning & sadness! no amount of words can show our sorrow & grief.. Prayers for the parents & families who lost their loved ones in the coward’s attack.
    Thank You World for understanding the condition of us Pakistani Nation.

  5. I'm terribly sad about that tragedy. God bless Pakistan.Prayers for those who lost their sons.
    Blessings from Portugal.

  6. Allah yardımcınız olsun...Pakistan kardeş ülke...sevgiler...

  7. Days have passed by but that deep woud is still there and its nor healing ..this incident explained very clearly terrorists have no religion..May Almighty grant sabr to the parents who lost their hearts in this incident .


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