Gift Packing Idea for Valentine’s Day

Gift packing is an art, before giving someone a gift, the first priority is about it’s packing. As the Valentine’s Day is coming, so giving & getting gifts is obvious.. I can see many ideas everywhere at different blogs & social networks, So many ideas & beautiful gift packs.
I design a brown box with some red paper hearts & multicolor glitter just to make it well as a gift box. It was a plain brown box once I saw when my brother got any tech stuff in it & He was throwing it away, How I can allow him to do so? never.. here you can see what I have done with a plain brown packing box.

Gift Packing Idea for Valentine’s Day

I were going to gift some accessories to my friend, but I got those accessories in a ordinary cover which was not looking good. So I thought to put it in another box and then giveaway! There I found this box & thought to design it with the valentine’s day theme.

how-To make gift box

 You will need to have;

Brown Box
Red Paper
Mod Podge
How To Cut Paper Hearts:
Get any A4 size paper sheet, Fold it a few times & make a thick layered strip of one inch wide.
I cut the hearts shape freehand with a sharp scissors, but you may draw a shape on the folded strip. then start cutting from the closed size. You can check more details about heart shape cutting HERE

 Apply a thin layer of mod podge glitter on the surface of the box. then start pasting the paper hearts & punch dots on the surface, let it fix for 2 minutes and then again apply another coat of the mod podge glitter over it. I use the rubber spatula I got in the mod podge package once! my hands were safe this time from the glue & glitter

 It was very useful spatula for applying the glue over the surface neatly!

 Let it dry & its done! super easy & lovely! isn’t it?

I hope my friend will be loving the gift as well as the packing! When I told her I design this box, She was surprised..That’s all for me..haha

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I hope you enjoyed my today’s idea of gift packing for a valentine! It’s fun having some lovely people in your life who always make you feel like you are special..I am so happily blessed with a great friends & family circle who are the BEST indeed..May God Almighty bless them all with lots of happiness & success!

Have a Lovely day!



  1. Lindo pacote e certamente valoriza ainda mais o presente! bjs,chica

  2. What an awesome idea!! The gift box is gorgeous!! The gift is, too!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Gift packing truly is an art. The boxes you made are beautiful. Really cute. Have a lovely week.

  4. Such a great idea, the packaging is super pretty. :)


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