Rhinestones on Shirt Embroidery

Sometimes a small change can make big difference, Recently I refashion my simple embroidered shirt. I bought a dress few days back, it was plain but the shirt neckline & front was filled with some neat but heavy embroidery, I thought to make a little difference just to change its look.

Rhinestones on Shirt Embroidery


As there were some little spaces between embroidery so I thought to add some small rhinestones with it.

You will need to have :

Transparent Glue


Ear bud

Mod podge Sparkle


 It was simple, neat but pretty! I guess it’s not bad to add some shimmer with it..Have a look..


 I started fixing the silver rhinestones in the embroidery, I use adhesive transparent glue for fixing these.


 I also use some dots of Mod Podge Sparkle glue over it. but carefully, wait until it gets dry totally!


Here is the tiny difference I have done with a little effort. It’s easy to design. I know its not so different but not bad I guess! As I design it at night so the images are not so fine! I were unable to take fine pics as I usually take clicks in the daylight or natural light. You can get some Photography Tips & Tricks for better results.
The thing I want to share is just an IDEA.. You can decorate any of your simple dress or wearable with a little addition of some tiny rhinestones. I hope you will like this easy & fun refashion idea. Give it a try & I bet you will be doing good with your creation, you can add colorful rhinestones or some sequins as well. So many ideas with a tiny bit of craftiness!
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Have a great day!
Khadija ~


  1. What a fabulous idea!! The rhinestones look amazing!! I love how they make it sparkle!! Creative and beautiful!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. It does look much prettier with those rhinestones....great touch.

  3. The rhinestones really make the shirt complete. Great idea, thanks for posting.


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