Small Planter Pot GlassPainting

Hi Everyone,
Is there any feel of spring at yours end? Here its started wonderfully! I can see small buds of the plants. I decided to have a little plant in my room this spring, So today I will be sharing a super easy & fun idea on how you can get a mini plant around you. I was working on glass paints for my customers & there were some leftover glass paints were going to dry! So I used those here.. Have a look at my today’s fun DIY (Do It Yourself)

Small Planter Pot GlassPainting


 In my new craft room, I have a small place but with better lighting, I haven’t yet done with wall arts though. As spring is around, so I were missing a fresh plant in my room, it’s just a teaser kind of greenry! I plant a Mini Plant in a small glass bottle. How is it?

For making this little glass paint planter, you will need to have these supplies :

Glass Bottle ( I used fruit salt empty jar..YaY for Recycling)

Paint Brush

Glass Paint

Nail Polish ( I used an old golden nail polish which I wear hardly once) I will be defusing the glass with golden touch.

 First of all, wash the bottle, then dry it. Start painting it with blue glass paint from bottom. I simply apply lines freehand with a wide brush tip
 Then for filling the empty area, I use dry nail polish texture. This nail polish was actually among those which my auntie once gifted me from US. As golden color is not my favorite color at all, So this nail polish was staying inside the box from almost 6,7 years. I was surprised to see this is not yet dry though..would you believe..?

Anyways.. I started giving the texture to the empty area & when it was done, I left it for almost an hour. I washed the bottle again just to reduce the smell of paints.

 And yes! here it is.. I cut a piece of Mini Plant branch from our back yard garden & simply fill the bottle with water & then put the plant in it. Ta-Da..its done :)
 Isn’t it refreshing to see a little green plant near your craft table? I love it.. ( I rarely love my own crafts..Seriously..haha! )

I would like to share something fun here..
Here some folks are pronouncing Mini plants as Money Plants..So while keeping this fun in my mind.. I place a coin bank around my plant.. May be one day I will wake up with a heap of money coming from the small “money plant”..may be?? haha.. Plz “MoneyPlant” fill my coin bank with money overnight.. You can see the Tutorial on how I design this Glitter Coin Bank
Haha..funny me..Size of this coin box is hardly equal to one coin.. See how content I am, “less is more kinda person” haha.. too much rambling today!
I hope you will like my little planter & the Mini Plant. Be sure to have a touch of refreshing green in your craft room before the start of Spring.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. This looks so gorgeous!! I love the beautiful bottle!! What a fabulous project this is!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. According to the calendar, springs arrives here Saturday. I hope it does. Trees and plants budding out but no blooms yet. You are a very clever artist. Thanks for your visit,


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