Glass Decoration Idea

Once I decorated a small coin bank with glitter and rhinestones, I rarely work with these miniature stuff, but recently I have designed a small glass & it turned out so cute! I simply color it with glass paints & then some glitter. I wanted to make it a candle by filling the wax in the glass but here it is as I have done finally!

Glass Decoration Idea


 You can design small glass items & can make these as decoration pieces or for gifting kids friends :)


 This is hardly 2 inches in size, capturing a fine click of this glass was also a bit tricky..


 I apply some turquoise glass paint on this small glass, I use crystal line paints.


I apply the golden nail polish (which I have used for defusing glass bottle planter DIY)

And for the base, I use red glasspaint. when the paint get dry, apply glitter..


 It was not easy to work on a small piece, holding this little glass & painting was a difficult task..I thought my hands are too big to hold this little one..haha. After a few trials & errors, I design it finally! let’s see..


 While working on arts & crafts, I keep my readers update from what I am doing right now via my social networks. So when I were making this, I share a sneak peek of the glass base & asked my readers/followers #GuessWhatsGoing Mostly people guessed right but they were not sure about the size of this glass.. So here you can see the size of this tiny miny glass & the glass paint too..


I know you girls might be curious about my nail art rather than the glass paint & glitter design! Isn’t it…I did this nail art when I were boring one day, So tried this.. don’t worry I captured the clicks too, So you will soon be having a DIY on this simple & easy nail art..

I hope you enjoyed my today’s article & idea. You can see all of my Glass Paint Ideas & Tutorials, I hope you will be enjoying these easy ideas. You can also design a big glass with the same design process!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh wow, it looks amazing!! I love the colors you used!! Beautiful!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts


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