WashiTape SwitchBoard DIY

Yesterday I were busy in setting up my messy craftroom, To be very honest..my craftroom is not a wonderful place or a big room as my other artist friends & craft bloggers.. But I am relax with this place totally. Its an average small room with one window & two doors but suitable for my crafty needs, in fact more enough for me as you know how content person I am (Remember my Less Is More theory..hahaha) Now I am getting more organized in keeping my crafty stuff together at one place nicely! I am trying to make my craft room even more better and pretty with my art. So what if its small. It should be artistic..That’s it..So I am on & off working & renovating this small space..Let’s see how it turned after an year when I will finish working on..haha..Lazy me..
Today I will show you how I design my plain and simple white switchboard. Now it’s colorful with washi tape. It hardly will take 10 minutes and looking so fine.. I hope you will also like to see what colorful change I have done at my craftroom switchboard.

WashiTape SwitchBoard DIY


 This switchboard was next to room curtains, I thought to paint it first but that will be taking more time & as you know how lazy is this blogger..ahem ahem..So I just think about this easy version which is similar to paint or decoupage but it is washi tape!


a white switchboard in the art room of a crafty gal…?? No way!! Let’s see how simply I have designed it..

I apply the tapes of different designs & sizes and cut it simply! one switch was damaged a little & was not in the use so I cover it too & the opposite one (where you can read -Fuse) I covered both with a wide tape while other areas are covered with different tapes!

These small boards near the floor were even not visible but now they are prominent on the wall :)


 This is how I am currently holding my washitape collection. I got these all the way from Singapore… It’s a brown box of any tech gadget.


Ta Da…… As Simple as ABC..isn’t it?? what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this idea, I weren’t having many pics while doing this, but I think there is no need to describe this more!

You can also have a look at my previous DIY ideas with Washi Tape. It’s magical fun! design anything quickly & enjoy!

Thank you.


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