How to design Anthro inspired chevron mug

Hey All, How is summer season going at yours end? In my previous article I write about deadly Heatwave in Sindh, sadly death toll crossed 1000 now. Anyways..Today I am going to share an Anthro inspired DIY after an year I guess! I am glad my Anthro knock-offs are always appreciated a lot & have been featured in different Magazines as well as blogs/websites worldwide.. So are you ready to get another Anthro's Inspired DIY? Here it is a super easy version of a Chevron designed mug by Me.. Voila :) Let's see..

How to design Anthro inspired chevron mug

anthro inspired chevron recycled mug container DIY ideas

Chevron patterns are always fascinating me, I started loving chevron patterns even more when I got the Chevron stencils from Mod Podge :) These are amazing! Now read the story how this chipped mug is here! I hope you will enjoy reading ;)

I have two naughty nieces! (by the way..I call them Gullu But haha) elder one is 2 Y/O & the little one is 1 Y/O. As they started taking steps by their own, now they are roaming around & always finding stuff from every corner of the house.. like kitchen lower cupboards are in their reach so they can investigate easily whats little lovely monsters.. drawers in their reach are always open now! One day I were having tea mug placed at my bed side table, I really don't know when the little darling monster entered my room & slided the stuff there & my mug was on the floor..And this is how I got a chipped mug.. Do you think I can throw a chipped mug outside?? Not at all.. I love reusing & recycling chipped crockery.. you may know this already? Check my archives for Chipped Mugs Recycling!
anthro inspired chevron recycled mug container DIY ideas I know the stencil you can see in the image above is not chevron. Actually I had a Craft Fail with this pattern, chevron was the second choice actually!
For designing a plain mug, you will need to have
1- Mug
2- Stencil
3- Folk Art Acrylic paint.
4- Paint brush
5- Glitter
6- A piece of polymer clay to cover the chipped spot.
Here is a confession too.. once I saw a mug at Anthropologie like this chevron one! but when today I were searching that for putting next to my version, I were unable to find it at Anthro's ..haww..oops! but I am saying this is a chevron plus Anthro inspired mug! That's it :)
anthro inspired chevron recycled mug container DIY ideas
First of all, I paste the clay piece at the chipped area. then I paste the stencil & applied the glitter glue on it,

Craft Fail -

I apply glitter glue & waited overnight until it get dry, but that was a mistake.. when the next morning I peel off the stencil, the whole design was stick at stencil & the mug was plain in my hand.. urrrrgggg.. huh.. but I tried again with paint.. not glitter this time! anthro inspired chevron recycled mug container DIY ideas
I fix a chevron stencil on the mug then, applied black folk art paint with foam brush sponge & waited for 5 minuted & then peeled off. That's it.. Yay!!
anthro inspired chevron recycled mug container DIY ideas

 I apply mod podge sparkle on the mug when it was dry!

I have a perfect organizer for my crafty accessories like markers, paint brushes, scissors, paper cutters & things like this.. Isn't it fine now?

Wait.. you know what? There are two more chipped mugs I recently recover with a tiny bit of creativity. these days crockery destruction is going on by the little darling monsters nieces of mine.. haha.. I never mind whenever they broke something, I smile because Finally I have something to experiment with.. hehe..Recycling is really fun! I hope you enjoyed my today's Anthro Inspired Mug designing.. Check my previous chipped/cracked crockery DIY. Also stay tuned for my upcoming DIY ideas related chipped mugs, & during this, If you got a mug chipped.. hold it & reuse it for making a fun organizer. Let's make..not break :)

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Have a wonderful Day! Khadija ~


  1. The mug looks so gorgeous!!! I love the chevron pattern!! What a beautiful way to dress up a mug!! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Que lindas canecas.,Gostei de ver como se faz! bjs, chica


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