Card Making Ideas For Eid Greetings #CreativeCollections

Almost half month of Ramadan passed Alhamdulillah & now countdown started towards EID day :) Giving and getting Eid cards seems outdated? Nope..who said? Handmade Eid cards are still very trendy & unique. I am selling handmade Eid cards these days & the positive result shows people still love giving and getting Eid Cards. Today I am sharing Cards Making ideas & some paper quilling creativity with my dear readers! I hope you will be enjoying these card making ideas :)

Card Making Ideas For Eid Greetings #CreativeCollections

card making ideas

Here are some pretty Card Making ideas for you to try! I am sure you can get lots of crafty inspiration from these beautiful handmade cards. Have a look at these now :)

card making ideas 

Paper quilling cards are simply amazing! they look so cute in fact.card making ideas-1 

 paper quilling cards

card making ideas2 

handmade eid cards making! so cute

card making ideas4 This card can be perfect for bridal shower party or may be for bride's maid invitation? so lovely!! 


 This simple card I made once a couple years back! I put some rhinestones & paper quilled flower too. Se the tutorial HERE eid-card-crafts-sheep-collage-clay 

 I made this above Eid card at Eid al Baqar last year! I use mod podge collage clay for the texture. See Tutorial HERE 


this colorful card seems like fabric based but how colorful..simply attractive :) 


 This is one of the most simple Eid card making idea, put a colorful scrapbook sheet on card & print Eid Mubarak over it. Easy enough?

Handmade-Eid-Card-Ideas Eid lanterns card[/caption] This is so cute with an addition of pretty lanterns! how pretty!

 mothers day card ideas  One of my favorite quilling card I have made so far! Enjoy Tutorial

 paper-quilling-art-cards-tutorials paper-quilling-art-[/caption] 


This quilling card was my first ever quilling card. I made it many years back. HERE is the detailed tutorial of it.

paper-quilling-cards-and-ideas  Another paper quilled card! simple yet colorful. Here is the TUTORIAL.card making ideas tutorials techniques Thank you cards[/caption] If you feel above techniques are a bit difficult for you, then dont worry, get a bunch of colorful markers & make some typography! then color it & fill it with some doodles.. Simple?
card making ideas tutorials These painted bookmarks are one of my favorites! I made these once but still keeping some of these. These are made of recycled clothing tags but cute..See TUTORIAL. I hope you liked having a look at this collection of handmade cards made by other crafters as well as others are my own! Let's make some handmade cards at this Eid & greet your family and friends in a different creative way! I bet they will be appreciating your creative skills. If you want to buy handmade Eid cards, feel free to contact me. I am working on cards making for sale these days! I hope you will like having my handmade greeting cards :) 50 plus gift packing ideas tutorials Have a look at my other Creative Collections. I have collected some interesting stuff in these articles. Be sure to use the SHARE buttons for spreading these ideas to your family & friends. Have a blessed day! Khadija ~


  1. Wow, all of your cards are amazing!! I love the designs of all of them!! The painted bookmarks are gorgeous, too!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Lovely collection of cards !!! Though my personal favourite is the quilling
    one :)


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