Eid Sweet Dishes and Yummy Recipes

Ramadan is almost over & Eid-ul-Fitar is just around the corner. Oh wow this month passed really quick, Isn’t it? I am glad to see my dear readers response at my previous Ramadan Recipes post. So what about trying some new recipes for Eid now? Eid-Ul-Fitar is also known as Meethi Eid which is all about Sweet Dishes. Today I am going to share some of my favorite traditional sweet dishes along with few new recipes which you would love to try this Eid. A collection of sweet & Savory recipes for Eid days. Have a look here & make changes in your menu plan for Eid recipes.

Eid sweet recipes for lunch & dinner

Eid Sweet Dishes & Yummy Recipes

Sweet Dishes For Eid

eid recipe pista burfi
A real sweets lover would not skip this Pista Burfi recipe.
eid recipe fruit custard
Delicious Fruit Custard with layers of fruit to enjoy this Eid.
eid recipe semolina pudding
An effortless Lebanese Semolina Pudding.
eid recipe rasmalai
Rasmalai is a cultural favorite sweet dish for Eid. By the way I am master in making RasMalai. Yeah ;)
eid recipe shahi tukray
Another very effortless yet delicious sweet for Eid is Shahi Tukray.
eid recipe mocha almond fudge ice cream
A very tasty Mocha and Almond Fudge Ice cream for Ice cream lovers.
eid recipe sheer khurma
Eid Ul Fitar is incomplete without this important dish Sheer Khurma.
eid recipe gulaab jamun
Delicious and syrupy Gulab Jamun are the most eaten Methai on Eid festival in Pakistan.
eid recipe rice pudding kheer
Those people who don’t enjoy Sheer Khurma on Eid, definitely love Rice Pudding Kheer.
eid recipe coconut ladoo
These soft and delicious Coconut Ladoo are mouth watering.
eid recipe mango falooda
Mango Falooda is a yummy recipe to kill the heat this Eid.
eid recipe nan khatai
Those who enjoy biscuits and cookies, surely love Nan Khatai too.
eid recipe rasgulla
Another cult favorite of Methai lovers is Rasgullas
eid recipe malai kulfi
Malai Kulfi is a desert that is equally enjoyed by kids and adults in summer.
eid recipe kaju katli
Another sweet and unique Methai Kaju Katli to enjoy this Eid.
eid recipe jalebi
Jalebi is a sweet snack that is enjoyed all year round, so you can not ignore this on Eid.
eid recipe samboosak
A middle eastern cream cheese filled Samboosak is a must try this Eid.
eid recipe rabdi
Rabdi or Rabri is a sweet dish that is enjoyed on Eid and is served cold.
eid recipe zarda
Zarda is a sweet rice dish that is traditionally enjoyed on Eid & other festivals.
eid recipe sooji ka halwa
Sooji Ka Halwa is a dish that is enjoyed on it’s on or with choolay and nan for breakfast.
eid recipe gajar ka halwa
There is a whole lot of people, who enjoy Gajar Ka Halwa on Eid.
Carrot sweet dish is my most favorite of all. My dear sis-in-law makes for me & you know what’s more sweet, She don’t like eating carrot halwa but she loves making this for me during winter specially. How cute is this :)
eid recipe lemon truffles
Heavenly Lemon Truffles are a must to try this Eid.
eid recipe baklava
This sweet Almond Baklava is for those with a real sweet tooth.
eid recipe gulab jamun cheese cake
This desi take on Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake looks and tastes out of this world.
eid recipe coconut and sesame halwa
This Coconut and Sesame Halwa is an amazing halwa recipe.
eid recipe doodh peda
Doodh Pedas is an easy made recipe. Give it a try!

Savory Dishes For Eid-ul-Fitar

yummy Eid spicy savory recipes collection
eid recipe turkish gozleme
These delicious Savory Turkish Gozleme will be great for breakfast or as a snack.
eid recipe spiced lamb shanks
These Persian Spiced Lamb Shanks are a match made in heaven for meat lovers.
eid recipe chicken pulao
There is nothing more traditional on Eid in Pakistan than a good Chicken Pulao.
eid recipe aloo gosht
Aloo Gosht or Meat and Potato Curry is what us Pakistani enjoy, especially on Eid with warm bread like tortilla.
eid recipe chicken biryani
For majority of us, Eid festivities are incomplete without our favorite Chicken Biryani.
eid recipe haleem
Nothing tastes as good as  Haleem and Nan on Eid.
eid recipe seekh kebab
These delicious Seekh Kebab are a must for Eid Lunch and Dinner.
eid recipe lamb koftas
These Lamb Koftas make any Eid meal special.
eid recipe chicken karahi
There is nothing more traditional than Chicken Krarahi on Eid.
eid recipe chicken paratha roll
Bihari Chicken Paratha Roll make as a perfect filling breakfast or snack for Eid day.
eid recipe samosa chaat
Samosa Chaat is a favorite traditional snack on Eid of all Pakistanis.
eid recipe chicken pasta
This desi take on Italian dish Chicken Pasta is a must for kids and adults.
eid recipe potato croquettes
Potato Croquettes are enjoyable as a snack or starter for a meal on Eid.
eid recipe persian herbed rice
If you are not a big meat lover or want simple but different style rice with your meat dish, this Persian Herb Rice is the recipe for you.
eid recipe garlic knots
These Garlic Knots are super quick to make for Eid, and you can serve them as snack or starter.
eid recipe chapali kebab
These mouth watering Peshawari Chapali Kebab are a must for Eid.
eid recipe roast chicken
This simple ingredient Roast Chicken will make any Eid meal special.
eid recipe chicken fried rice
Chicken Fried Rice is must on Eid for Chinese cuisine lovers.
eid recipe lahori fried fish
For all those sea food lovers out there,  This is an amazing Lahori Fried Fish recipe to try this Eid.
So many mouth watering recipes. Composing this article during Ramadan & fasting isn’t easy though. Haha. I hope you will enjoy trying these recipes this Eid, Save and share the article with your family & friends. You will love trying these easy quick & yummy desi Pakistani & Indian recipes.
One thing we all should always keep in mind, BE SURE to help those who are unable to enjoy this yummy food because of financial issues. There are so many people who can not afford the food easily & starving throughout the year. Distribute food to them as whatever you have with you is a blessing of God Almighty, There should always be a part for them from yours food. God increase your blessings when you give some away to those who are needy. If you want to increase your blessings, Start giving to those who are needy. I personally believe this works. So don’t forget the real meanings of Ramadan.

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yummy Eid spicy savory recipes collection
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