Paper Weight Making Idea-Azadi Crafts Series

Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready for back to school finally? Every year after summer vacations when you are going back to school, There is another excitement of Pakistan Independence Day celebrations at school. How nice is this to celebrate independence day & first day of school after vacations on the same day! This year I am sharing most of my Independence day crafts for kids & back to school themed projects. Isn’t it interesting seeing cute handmade goodies with green & white country flag theme? So here I am today sharing another craft idea of making paper weight in Azadi (independence) crafts series on the blog! So have a look friends & try this!

Paper Weight Making Idea-Azadi Crafts Series

paper weight making pakistan independence day crafts ideas
Paper weight is kind of essentials for everyone who used to work on desk with papers & books everyday. Isn’t it? Specially when you are working during summer season & a fan is above your head. That’s so me seriously! I don’t have any air conditioner in my craft room.. I have to on the fan while working. So fan air can easily make mess with paper. I have made some paper weights to meet this challenge of scattering papers around. Do you remember my Lady Bug Pebble Paper weight? And another dough paper weight which I made out of dried clay?
If you are a student, You need to have a paper weight on your desk for keeping the papers organizer while studying or working. So here it is another idea I am sharing how you can make a paper weight with Independence day craft theme. You can also try this with any other theme or colors. Let’s see how to made it.

Supplies :

Plastic lid of any jar or clay tile piece
White Clay or dough
Silver kat-dana glass beads
Green small glass beads
Pakistani Flag badge

paper weight making pakistan independence day crafts ideas
Let’s see How To Make Clay Paper Weight with Pakistani Flag & Beads
Paste some clay on the jar lid or any tile piece. I had a white clay tile which I decorate.
I use collage clay for topping, It’s soft and thin. Fix the flag badge in the middle of the tile. I made this clay flag when I was making this clay flag charm last year.
paper weight making pakistan independence day crafts ideas
Pour beads in two different plates first, Then place the tile in silver beads plate or put the tile upside down in plate. Kat dana beads will stick to the clay, Then shake off extra beads.
paper weight making pakistan independence day crafts ideas
Put the tile in green beads plate now & do the same with green beads.
Fix the beads with your fingers if you want.
Let it dry a little & use transparent nail polish or acrylic spray paint to seal the surface. No bead will fall then.
You can also sprinkle some glitter chunks as well.
This is super easy & fun paper weight making idea! This can be a table piece for your craft table as well.

You can have a look at my previous Paper weight making ideas.

These days I am using these pebbles as paper weight for my craft table, You can check these Stones Design Tutorial.

This paperweight I made out of dry clay, Read more about it in step by step making of clay Paper weight.

This Lady bug looks cute on my blue craft table surface! Isn’t it? See the process how I Paint this pebble Lady Bug.
I hope you liked all of these paper weights making ideas. I make thing easy to try, So you can enjoy making instead of feeling things difficult. Give these idea a try & let me know how your version turned out. If you want to buy any craft, contact me via above contact form or the email.
celebrate Pakistan independence day with fashion and style
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Here are the other Independence Day Crafts I have been shared on the blog this month as well as some archives from last years. I hope you will like to see these green crafts ideas & back to school projects. If you want to buy anything from me, Visit my Shop page or contact via email.

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