DIY Phone Covers Designing-creative ideas

We all have Smartphones & gadgets in our hands these days, Is it OK to have a phone with plain simple cover or casing? Definitely a big NO at least for a girl. Am I right? I have designed my cell phone casings several times. I also design most of my gadgets covers myself. There are so many ideas & simple hacks through which you can design your phone casing beautifully. I am going to share some DIY ideas how you can design and decorate your phone casings & covers. I hope you will enjoy these DIY phone covers designing creative ideas.
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DIY Phone Covers Designing-  Creative Ideas

creative ideas for decorating and designing phone casings and laptop covers DIY
DIY Phone Covers

DIY washi tape phone cover
You can make this cute Washi Tape Phone Cover yourself. Put some pearls & make it some more pretty!
DIY printed phone cover
This is one simple yet awesome idea. You can customized your phone covers with Printed Phone Case easily! Just print it out & fix in your transparent or clear phone casing! How fun.
DIY bedazzled phone cover
Bling Bling Bling. A very  girly & blingy phone cover. Isn’t it looking awesome? This gorgeous yet easy Bedazzled Phone Cover should be your next DIY.
DIY studded phone case
What about wearing matching with your shoes or accessory? This very chic Studded Phone Case will match your shoes & will look awesome.
DIY paper phone covers
Are you a fan of scrapbook or paper crafting? If yes, I bet you are having a paper stash which you can transform into your plain phone casings linings. Very easy to make Paper Phone Cases & perfect for every phone.
DIY spiked phone cover
This Spiked Phone case is a must for Glam lovers out there. Simply use adhesive glue & paste these well.
DIY rainbow button phone case
You can make this super girly Rainbow Button Phone Case with all the spare buttons you have in your sewing box stash.
DIT pretty pearl phone cover
A very easy yet cute Pretty Pearl Phone Cover for girls. This looks awesome!
DIY glitter phone cover
These casings are totally girly, Whenever there is something girly, Glitter is always there. So here it is another DIY for glitter lovers. You can easily learn to make this funky Glitter Phone Cover.
DIY jeweled phone case
Very glam and girly Jeweled Phone Cases. You can reuse your old accessory & can decorate a simple casing.
DIY metallic polka dot phone cover
Very plain yet classy Metallic Polka Dot Phone Cover for simplicity lovers.
DIY white and gold phone case
Another very simple yet elegant White and Gold Phone Case with a touch of shine.
DIY pressed flower phone cover
Very beautiful and gorgeous Pressed Flower Phone Cover for beauty lover.
DIY tapestry phone case
Pretty Tapestry Phone Cover for art lovers out there.
DIY confetti phone case
Very cute and unique Confetti Phone Case perfect for college students and back to school girls.

DIY Laptop Covers

DIY laptop cover
Marbling effects are always unique with crafts & fashion thingies, This very elegant Color Blocked Marble Laptop Cover is perfect idea.
DIY marbeled laptop cover
This another Marbled Laptop Cover can be used for other gadgets like iPad too. Easy to make yet pretty.
DIY trendy laptop cover
This trendy Blue Laptop Cover looks very stylish.
DIY laptop sleeve
A perfect patterned Laptop Sleeve for crafts lovers. Looks so cute.
DIY oversized laptop clutch
This Oversized Laptop Clutch is perfect for school going girls.
DIY marble laptop cover
Another trendy Marble Laptop Cover is perfect with you Mac Book.
DIY decoupage laptop cover
Very creative, Now you can easily Decoupage Laptop Cover
DIY wallpaper laptop cover
You can reuse your leftover wallpapers to create this simple Laptop Skin.
DIY tape laptop cover
Chevron design covers are trendy, This very simple yet classy Tape Laptop Cover is easy to try.
DIY wood grain laptop cover
This faux Wood Grain Laptop Skin is great for him and her. How nice it is.

If you liked these DIY tutorials, Now check out some of my creations for inspiration.

DIY glitter phone cover
This very simple and easy to make Glitter Phone Cover.
DIY iphone pouch
This 5 minutes iPhone Pouch is very easy to make.
DIY fur phone cover
I made this Pink Fur iPhone Cover and it’s one simple yet quick way to decorate your phone.
I have painted my Nokia phone casing in past, Do you remember my older posts? Have a look again.
cell casing design and painting ideas
faux decoupage wooden phone casing DIY
DIY ipad sleeve cover making
I have designed some of my casings with different technique & ideas. I am sure you can try these & decorate your phone casings. Feel free to share these ideas with your friends. Use the share buttons on blog sidebar. I hope you will enjoy these easy & quick ideas.
creative ideas for decorating and designing phone casings and laptop covers DIYShare the fun ideas with others & enjoy.

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