Mango Fruit and Ice Cream Trifle Making Recipe Video

I hope you are having a great day! It’s last week of Ramadan month just started. It’s hard to believe how fast it’s passing. At start of the month, I was sure this month I will be sharing a lot of food & recipes on my blog but see.. I have shared just two food posts! But I am glad to know you liked my recipes. I love easy & quick recipes with health benefits as well. Today I am going to share Mango Fruit and Ice Cream Trifle Making Recipe Video. I hope you will enjoy the recipe video :)

Mango Fruit and Ice Cream Trifle Making Recipe Video

how to make mango fruit ice cream trifle video recipe by creativekhadija food blog
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I hope you liked this quick & easy recipe. Let me share some ingredients details if I have missed some in the video.
Mango Fruit and Ice Cream Trifle Making Recipe Video
You will need :
A big Mango. Cut it in small cube slices.
Cracker biscuits for making the layers between fruit & ice cream.
Ice Cream – Mango flavor
Dry fruits and nuts.
A big glass or small bowl.
In your glass, First place two cracker biscuits & then some fruit chunks. Add some ice cream & nuts. Repeat the process & fill your glass with layers of fruit, ice cream & crackers. You can also fill some of your favorite toppings if you want.
Mango Fruit and Ice Cream Trifle Making Recipe Video
Serve it chilled & enjoy the trifle. I hope you will like it in your iftar as well. Let me know if you try this!
best ramadan energy bites recipes for iftar platter by creative khadija blog

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Have a blessed last week of Ramadan! Remember me in your precious prayers :) Stay connected everyone!
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